Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Than Good Enough

It's easy for anyone to bring some baggage to a relationship. After all, who hasn't been called inadequate in a romantic relationship? Who hasn't been plagued (if even just for a moment) with asking his or herself why he or she is not good enough? We all desire to feel adequate. We all desire to be fully accepted.

As you get deeper and deeper into a relationship, your own securities are more easily brought to the surface. It is easy to feel like you aren't good enough. It is much more easy to feel this way in a serious relationship than any other. For myself, I have always easily handled the remarks and opinions of other people. I care what my friends say and think, but it won't sway me from what I choose to do if I feel like I should do it.

However, my relationship with Courtney gives her a lot more power over what I feel and think. Because we are so close, I find myself much more likely to heed what she says. And while I still tend to remain my stubborn self and do what I think I should, I tend to feel much more conflicted when her opinions differ from my own.

It is an easy temptation to question your selfworth. The real truth is that you both are more than adequate for each. You both have strong value--especially to each other.


The most difficult part to remember is that you owe it to each other to build up each other's feeling of selfworth. You owe it to each other to build up more than you tear down--on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to make sure that your other half continues to belief in his or her own value. After all, you are in a relationship together because you both believe that the other person is worthy.


(Court's post is here)

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